Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Blog Is Back Up And I am At Work To Add A lot Of New Stuff

I have been very, very busy, recording new music, working my ministry blog, starting a ministry school online, authoring 4 new e-books, working on 2 e-books that will be for sale on Amazon soon. Shooting and writing Independent film works, wow what a year, 24/7.

I put out a great small e-book with a new link on adobe, it reads better and it is easier to download, it is still on Scribed, but adobe I just found and wow, way better to read, big, big screen to read.

I had big plans at one time for this blog, my books my music, but due to the economy melt down in 2008 I lost my studio in Everett, Wa, outside of Seattle, and moved to a small desert town in So, Cal USA a town of 900.
This has given me time to do my writing, recording, teaching authoring interactive PDF courses, you name it.

So sorry to all who have been trying to get new stuff from my free e-book linked to this blog, well all that is now going to change, so keep coming back as I will have lots of new stuff to share.

I leave you with a song off my new CD I am working on, called.
A Vow Of NO Silence.

If your not into Christian Rock, or Christian music, sorry I used to record all kinds of music, due to my faith, I am only doing Christian music, and Christian Independent films, and film music for Indy films.
This does not change the fact, recording arts, are recording arts, and marketing is marketing, so I have learned a lot this past year and I will pass it on in this blog.
Tell me if you dig this new song. and CD Cover.

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