Friday, February 8, 2013

I Am Going To Re Work This Site Why?

I maintain 10 websites, blogs write books make recordings do ministry .T. you name it, I was looking at the stats on the e-books and I am very surprised how many people are still reading the t free books on music I wrote, and this blog Is a link, and so I see the need.

I am recording a new project called 'smile in the storm

and yes ‘for pennies on the Dollar’ LOL.

I am filming, a low fi video, poor man style, a teaching series on medical use of herbs; I am also a master herbalist.
I am a dean-teacher, founder of a bible school I started, all this stuff is free. 100%. I try and keep busy.

I will be doing a teaching series on this blog, re starting the free audio recording school, by email, you ask a question, questions, I give detailed answered a different concept, that eliminates what you already know, do not need to know, or have just special things you nee help with on your project. I have nothing to sell all is free, nothing to worry about, see my main ministry site on blog spot and see all is free. The link is on this site.

Also more reviews on equipment, software, in the poor mans range, not high price equipment, that is why this is different. I will also offer free song evaluation, go ahead look, for any pro biz to do this  not free , most are sellers and just want your money and email address they can sell.  All this costs, and it should not, most of it is a sham.

Tutorials in analog recording, digital recording using a P.C. and loop recording using acid pro.

If you have any questions at all, or if I may be of help, taking you to the next level of your talent just email.

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