Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Last Example Song For -Critical Listening Skills-.Simon & Garfunkel

The last part had a pop-dance B.T. Video and Tes.
This song, vieo CD is very, very different in style-100% different.
Simon and Garfunkel.-A Bridge Over Trouble Water, one of Best folk classic recordings in history, my opinion.

Listen to the Boxer, listen close, listen esp. to the ending, when an orchestra, synth effects, multi layered voice, effects, and use of many tracks, 1.5 min in recording history, and before its time. My opinion

I am posting the audio, listen to the later part, how it builds, and builds, and still builds, with great analog effects. To this day I do listen to this song, and I wait for the amazing end part just love it.

The reason I have always listened to a song, a sound, I would always scratch out production notes on how this was done, how that was done, this is big reason why you want to do this, your production doc.

At the end of the song, listen , next listen start to isolate, single out, sounds, vox, efx,panning, stereo spectrum use, breaks, is that a instrument, or synth, harder yet -a sampler? You have a list scratched out, each isolated and notes on how this as done. Yes...Production Notes 101

Listen close, learn to take a song apart bar by bar, beat by beat, and hear what was, is , being done-recorded. How? Will this effect, format, fit my style? Do I want to try to use as a pro'to -type the given style.? The questions would be endless.
Have any questions comment or email me any time.

Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer (Audio)

Video Link is

I could not download odd.

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