Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free E-Book , Free Reocrding School, Free Muisc, What More Can You Ask For?

The E-book has had over 400 plus reads, I am perplexed it has not gone viral. How to market your music for pennies on the dollar, many, many must read ideas, tips, stats, a small read, and may have the answers you need and spark your interest in the subject. Taken from my several hundred page Manuel I used, that I wrote when I had my own studio and Production Co, near Seattle, WA. All the things in it are tried and proven.
How to break into the film for movie market, how to get a name brand  with non profit .org free uses, how to make real money doing what you love. If you like, post it any where, pass it on, trying to rebuild my teaching blog.
If it does not take off fast and soon, I a done, I offer a free no catch recording school, many free resources, I would have given my right arm for the stuff I offer, back when I was learning, so why wait.

I have a second edition, same book, better cover LOL. and almost done with
The Poor Mans Guide To Making Pro Recordings At Home-For Pennies On The Dollar
Last free e-book out very soon.
FREE SCHOOL< FREE BOOKS, FREE MUSIC.....FREE CONSULTATION, FREE MENTORING, so far, not one person, man I have no idea what to say, your lose.
Dan Abaldo

I have brand new, free music, I record every day, new CD half done, listen, get it free at.'abaldo

CD A Vow Of NO Silence, also if contemporary, very contemporary at that Christian is not your bag, on the site have many, many styles, my audio portfolio, one of many, all free downloads. See what I did with a PC and for pennies on the dollar.

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Dan Abaldo
Have a question, need help, anything, contact me today

Digital Goatee Productions and Urgent Mission Records site a must see.

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