Thursday, March 1, 2012

Round Up Of Pro , But Cheap Mics and Mic Pre Amps

As said reader this post is all about the condenser mic and the mic, instrument pre amp. I can not over emphasize the absolute importance in a mic pre amp, it will make the difference between a consumer level recording, semi pro, or pro sound. I chose as the best pre amp 150.00 the DMP3, this is the best hands down, another for 40.00 that will blow minds do not over look this as a starter pre amp if your tight on money, like most of us are, this kicks and is excellent for electric instruments also, you can make a semi pro to pro recording with this 40.00 pre amp.

I mention at the near end of this post what I have read and heard many top recording engineers say, the mic pre amp, is the most important device in the pro mic recording chain, it is over looked and it should not be, a 100.00 mic can sound like a 1,000 mic with a great mic pre amp.

Mic preamps, there are many, all have different sounds, and as a engineer what we do is mix certain mics with certain pre amps to get a certain sound. The pre amp is one of you main purchases. I do not like USB mics at all, but the AT2020 has a great USB mic and no preamp needed, it is wild what one can do now days, its price is worth every penny if you want a great pro USB mic , the AT 2020 for the price, at any price is the best of the best for a USB mic.

Audio-Technica AT 2020 100.0 the best

Another , maybe the best mic for 100.00 is this one, note not sold on Guitar center, sweet water sound or others? this is top rated by a poll taken on Tweak heads  lab as the most votes and for good reason

AKG Perception 120 mic 100.00

Sterling Audio ST51, the best 100.00

Best small condenser mic, used to record acoustic instruments 100.00
Sterling Audio ST31

USB mic- AT 2020 best USB mic in my opinion for the money, also, there are not that many good or great USB mics out, this is the top one if your into USB set ups.

I have tried many USB mics, for music this is the best.

Mic Pre amps

Behringer TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC100 Preamp 

Best cheapest pre amp hands down esp for electric guitar players and does a good job on mics 39.00 to 40.00 5 star rating.

One of the best pre amps for the money hands down, love the tube I have used it and holy cow a must on a budget for a pro sound

Behringer ULTRAGAIN PRO MIC2200  100.00  

My personal favorite for the money, aside from the DMP3 dual channle mic pre amp.

Best 2 Channel mic pre amp M-Audio DMP3 150.00 on guitar center they only have the package deal, it will do the job, not a big fan of the mics, but for the money a pro sound can be made large and small diaphragm mic and as I said the best 150.00 mic preamp made this is the one to get.Look at the preamp esp

price 219.00 the pre amp alone is 150.00 so for 70.00 bucks two good mics, your call.

ART Pro Channel Tube Mic Preamp  319.0 , a great, step up if you have the cash

Now see some top of the line pre amps, and if one can afford these, well as most recording engineers say, the most over looked and neglected unit in the recording chain is a solid mic pre amp, a pre amp, a good one makes the difference between a super pro recording and a pro recording that is good, Pre amps are the most important device to have, believe me, it may be number 1. You need the best pre amp you can afford, I mention the DMP3 dual channel 150.00 this kicks but, go with that, if your low on funds and do not over look the 40.00 buck one I mentioned a 5 star rating and gives great, great results.

D.W. Fearn VT-15 Vacuum Tube Recording Channel

Just under 5,000.00 bucks yes 5K, the great, great home studios have the big boys and for good reason, these give the same sound as any studio on earth and if you have cash and one day can afford it you will want a pre amp around this price, and above.

Grace Design M801 8-Channel Studio Preamp   4,270.00 this is a 8 channel pre amp, the best for the money in an 8 channel pre amp. This is the best 8 channel pre amp for a pro home studio, yes 8 full channels of sonic sweetness.

Until next time happy recording and have creative day. March first,  start to make pro recordings today.

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