Thursday, April 12, 2012

I wanted to give some random tips to getting different effects and tricks

I had a detailed post about dynamics, it is coming, today I am writing on the fly about some cool tips and tricks to getting different sounds, like how did they do that effect, how does that band get that odd re verb etc.

1. Pink Floyd, their signature odd re verb effect how do they do it, well it is simple .The take a sound , a vocal, they reverse it, than apply destructive re verb, and than reverse the sound or vox back to normal, it gives that odd full reverse effect and that's it a cool tip give it a try, you must, after you reverse your track apply destructive effects re verb chorus, destructive means it applies the effect , if it is not destructive, meaning it did not put the effect on the sound wave and you reverse it, you will have a simple normal re verb, so destructive is a must.

2.A good vocal tip to fatten up a weak vocal is simply to copy the vocal track and than slightly pan the vocal to left and right, this gives a natural chorus effect, you can also try and add re verb to one vocal, the copy vocal add a chorus effect, or dry, and pan them even further left and right, or have one dry take and one with a lush re verb and pan the re verb track only ,or both, try different panning on a doubled track and see how full you can make that sound.

3.when working with loops, many times there is a glitch a space and nothing can be done , trick , I have used many times. At the point where the loop is silent, clipped out whatever, add a single hit crash cymbal, a bass drum, a timpani and place it , till you cover up the track so the space, problem is not heard, use a good long re verb on it so in reverberates into the start of the next loop, a cover up yes, but very, very effectual I have used this hundreds of times and it also adds many time to the song.

4.If recording a band, say at practice or a gig, or church, use 2 ambient mikes, placed on , near the floor left and right, this will give an ambiance to the track that can add a real great live sound. A condenser is best. You can use on mic, but two is better, make sure they are near the floor on a low stand, or one on a wall or both on a will, there are decent mics that attach to things like walls for this purpose. You can make samples of real room re verbs this way and use your own natural re verbs. In Samplitude pro , the go to audio recorder I use for audio and mastering, it has a natural room re verb plug-in, but you must load that short re verb sound you recorded where ever you were and load that sound , it samples it and reproduces that unique re verb sound you recorded

You use this pro recorder to go out and do location recordings, of traffic, people, noises, anything, also you can use this to record a live performance, I used it sitting around the mid section, in the middle, that is essential, and the recording blew my mind it sounded as good as a CD, all I did was transfer the sound to my samplitude and edit the wave  for any unwanted sounds and mastered it, it recorded in wav. file so mastering is possible, This little recorder is truly amazing and you can make pro recordings, sound effects, great recordings of your practices that beat any table top recorder. Tascam also has one like it around 200.00 plus that records the same way, but is a four track recorder, and it is used for many, many things.
Try these 5 tips and tricks out, I have plenty more to share, drop me a line, and ask any question, or enroll in my email free recording school its free and email is free, so ask away.

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