Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some New Links To Free VSTi's And VST's, I Found The Best Free VSTi Samplers Anywhere.

A fast post to let you know of some places to get great free vsti's and vst effects. The site that offers the best, sampled real instruments I found is amazing, the real instruments are as good as any sampler costing hundreds of dollars. The link to the best of the best in true instrument samplers, drum machines and some decent synths is at DSK music, download them all. The acoustic guitar will blow your mind, the strings and others. I have included a couple screen shoots of a few of the best ones they have.


Below the link has some good stuff, the top few are broken links, but most will take you to good old KVR's site. If you cannot get the download from Kvr on the download, I use the manufacture, creator’s web site, and that way, you also see many more things KVR does not list.

There is a good astral lopper, a delay in a beta version that is good. Notice the new vsti that they will soon have out, it looks amazing, so book mark it and check back sounds like a winner.

The plug in is designed to fit in with Ableton live, not sure if it works with your software, it may.

If you have not subscribed to computer music you should, also their site has many free plug ins, many they develop and they always have great free samples, wavs, tutorials, gear round ups, this magazine had a different name years ago, I have been a long time reader of this magazine, and now it's on line, what a day we live in.

There you have it, more ways to make pro recordings for pennies on the dollar.

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