Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Writers Block , Clearing Your Mind Out, Someone, I got your email but Did Not See Yur message on this comment forum, so I will respond in a teaching form

As The person who wrote me asked, ‘How do I clear my mind out, get ready to make music, writer’s bloc’. To the question I gave this email, never was sent, and thought it would be a cool way on interaction of an answer gave to a short question. Ask away, and you will get the same detailed answers, I give 100% percent, Join the free school and free services, no one to date, I am shocked, in my early days I would have killed for such a chance to talk to, learn from a pro, for free, what’s the deal? I notice the same thing on all my sites I am speechless, interesting?

 Before I was a  Christian Recording artist, and after, same thing, I have a gift of  never have had writers block, a rare thing, I took a challenge years ago when I was in the biz, the challenge, I would take the session musicians, they would play anything, I listen to it one time, second time do the lyrics and many, many times, most of all my music is all free flow . I did 20 plus songs in one session and was well known for this, odd, a gift, I write non fiction every day, fiction, books, songs, I have never had to clear my head out, I just spark up my PC or? and put some music down sing to it and it is done, I do have many songs I worked on the lyrics, but all lyrics 90% are rough draft and never touched only on a handful of songs, I did edited my rough draft, so its an odd gift and its all from the heart. I can give no advice aside from this.

If you need to clear your head out, if you need to feel how do I get all these things out of my head so I can have a clear writers head, I have a tip.

1. When you feel that way, do not write, wait till you have the inspiration I take a note book everywhere I go, inspiration strikes at the oddest times, also a digital hand held recorded I can hum or sing into with nothing but my vox and song idea.

When I say I have never had writers or creative block, of late running a F.T. ministry a F.T. on line bible school, doing you tube videos, colabs, writing, and the free recording school via email, I work 80 plus hours a week.
Being sober is a must, and learning not to worry about tomorrow, is a must, and you will have a clutter free mind.

2. Other advice.

A song that makes the listener weep, or cry, remember, it can only be, if the one who wrote the song wept first.
Pain is a great source of inspiration and a release, take Country Music LOL. Pain, hurt, even feeling unfocused you can write something about what your feeing and why, as there will be millions of other humans that will be feeling the same thing and will relate, are you angry, I find in some songs anger is a great writing tool, let it come out. Want to say to hell with the world people just care about themselves, the job sucks, people suck, great writing stuff, look beyond the clear head deal, do not write from your head , write from your heart, keep a journal write daily what you feel , events, things you saw, heard, etc. This journal you should read at times and an idea pops in to your head. No matter what kind of music you write it is, or should be passion, use all feelings and use a passionate heart and you will not have to clear anything out, pour it all out in word, writings, clips, and if your in a real bad way, just do not try to create anything, try again the next day.

I do not know what style you record, but to prove My God given gift, I am a humble man, very humble, I am a broken man, young once, proud, not at 53, Send me anything I will gladly put lyrics vox to it, if its a style I can send an mp3, many times doing colabs is the best way to get a whole other sound, and can take you down a new road, make friends and net work, and email as you are now. So what style do you do, Let me work my humble Gift free, you never, ever pay for anyone to colab , that is a scam, colabs are a 50-50 thing, all my music and colabs of late are people who, like me, do not sell our music, so no money involved LOL. And hence, poverty continues.

These are my 3 main points, and an open door for you, ask away, anything, any time, shot clips, music audio lyrics, colabs, need lyrics only, I have 2,000 plus of unused lyrics, good for many styles, mostly Rock, pop-experimental rock, and ballads, I love ballads and rock, and of late film music, love it. Feel free to take your talent to the next level, keep asking, colab, and email me any time, I am hear to serve and help, and pass on what I have learned.

Lastly, on my old sound click site, I recorded under the name Daniel louis and David Louis, I had a simple summer love song, out of 250, plus songs it hit number 1, it was a done in one take, and mastered, now get this, ready for a shock. I had a mic that broke, and this song was the last one on my CD called. Its A 2 Thing, the song was recorded on a 10.00 pencil PC mic, I kid you not, I have samplitude, waves plug-ins and know what I am doing, but if anyone knew that song, and a few others that were top 10 songs were recorded on a 10.00 PC desk mic, they would not believe it, I never told anyone, maybe once. So what you got use it, or lose it, what you do not have do not force, when you need fresh ideas, collaborate.

On my liquid audio site, little action, I just wanted to separate my Christian page from my non Christian page, on liquid audio, I have many, many songs wild, different and the song I mentioned called, The Moment, listen to the difference in the songs, and how different from my sound click ones are, I do have some of the same on liquid audio but a lot of solid non Christian songs, so you can hear other things I have done, and on a PC for lit. Pennies on the dollar.

Thanks for your email, keep in touch
Dr. Dan Abaldo

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