Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So You Want To Be A Producer Pt 2

Pt 1, is down a little, take a read of that if you have not, before reading this post OK. This part is mostly ideas on how to make money while you pursue your Producing Service

In part one I wrote on what the industry job is for a producer, I talked about the bedroom producer, or home producer. In this message I will give more insight and detail on how to go about being a great music producer. I will share some ideas and things I have done to make money in music.

You will need to know about recording engineer principles, as I teach free. You need to know location sound re-reinforcement, where to look for people to produce, and have the ability to know your way around the gear you use, and what gear you need, and do not need. Music gadgets will not make you a great producer, you may have a room full of stuff, or you may be using a PC and a basic set up, it maters not. You must know what you are doing, how to get certain sounds, and many tricks and things on how to get around problems that arise.

No one will learn every system, sequencer, it is not possible, find one you like and learn it 100%. Today to get a job as a Jr. Recording Engineer in a quality studio, YOU MUST have mastered the use of Pro Tools.

You must know about choosing the right mic, mic pre-amp's and mic placement.

Mic placement is everything to making a quality recording. Isolation of sound with baffles, or acoustic panels, and where to place them.

Many now days do what is called, 'location recording' and often just with a lap top. It is my love, it is a thing that is a big challenge, hint, if you have a quality lap top, some decent mics, an excellent sound card, you can make a better living doing live demos, and later master them, produce recordings for the band , or artists. Location recording is a big market and many want a recording of their live gig. Think on this, it is a way to keep food on the table while you are pursuing your own recording career and learning to produce.

Band, artists management, this is another way to make a living as the artists manager. You get 10-20% for all places you find your band-artist to play, get a few acts and it adds up. Start a small production Co-Record label, and sign acts, sale the Mp3's on the web and you get a cut, this income helps while your sales may be down. It is all about making a living as a starving dreaming artist.

I used to do a lot of location recording, recording in my home studio, and charged 25-30.00 an hour, that is the going rate, not hard. I live in the desert now, in southern California, I do not do location recording, band management anymore, because in the crash of 08, I lost everything in my production CO, outside Seattle Wa.

I have committed myself to teaching you reader what I did, and what worked.

Hit classified, craigslist, free ads, flyers, business cards and go out, or listen to people on sites, like sound click and others that need your service.

If you live in a large or medium size city,  take a look at craigslist, you will see many people offering, in home recordings, there is a lot of competition, but you, as a producer will be doing, and offering a lot more than an in-house recording studio, this is but one thing, one way.

Word of mouth is what it is all about, if you are skilled the word will get out, mark my words.

On-line, I used to look for talent and I had no problem finding them.

I looked at craigslist to see under jobs for arts-film openings etc., what independent movie studios were looking for, stand ins, help, etc. Email them, contact them, ask if they need music, guess what they all do. This is your foot in the door to making music for movies.

Jingles, do not laugh huge need for this.

Have a site where you make 30sec to one min. loops for web sites, you sale them for your set price 10-30 dollars each, these loops you make will sale, and used in commercials even. So, many things are out there, think out of the box, try everything, and you will find your work needed, even in a bad economy, people still love entertainment, esp. live. People will always want to be entertained, or if in ministry no lack of places to play if your a solid band or soloist.

You need to learn.

The top reads on this site are when I post a message  a review of best mics and instruments, why? We are gear freaks, and we want to know what the best mics and equipment are.

I only give low priced gear reviews, as I am all about making pro recordings for pennies on the dollar.

I understand money is no issue to some, I could give very high end examples and reviews on very high priced pro equipment, I am a spec freak, and know about everything that is out on the market, well almost LOL.

You do not need a lot of things, less than you may think, esp. if you use a PC and in my opinion you should. It is the way to achieve a true radio ready pro sound. Table tops simply can not do it fact.

Producer, dreamer, stop dreaming, get a plan, take action, educate yourself, but do something. Try some of the things I said, and see what happens.

Let me know what you did, and what works for you.

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