Monday, January 13, 2014

I Wanted To Give A Fuller Explanation Of The Free Song Evaluation Service And Why You Should Consider IT, What It Is, And What It Is Not

The free service is for the purpose of letting a pro listen to your song. Bogus places like Taxi and others, charge a fee for this, and what they say is short and harsh.

What do I do? I listen to your song first for any technical issues, mixing issues, mic placement, mastering, things of a producer-recording Engineer, and Mastering Engineer prospective.

I give details concerning this.

Is the song radio ready, meaning is it a good mix and master.

I do not give any critique on your style, your method, your sound, or what you did as an artists. Hat off to you for even getting a finished song recorded. I give encouragement in that area. I do not bash your song; I am an advocate for Independent Music Artist’s.

When I did A&R work, as most, I would listen to, and hope to find, a hit song, a great new talent. Most A&R execs. listen to 15 seconds of your song I kid you not, I always listened to the whole song. I still do. I can tell you if it would be considered a song you would want as a song that is a top song, not a B' side song, or a CD filler song. Some songs are great, others are good, and others are filler B' side songs.

It is rare to have a CD by any artist have all hit songs on any given project, so I tell you where I would place the song, if the song should be promoted, and if it is ready to be sold, posted, put on I-tunes, CD baby other places.

I give very, very, long and detailed emails. You will see. On the consultation service, FREE, I give long, long emails concerning your question as well.

When I was in the Seattle area and had Digital Goatee Productions, a full fledged production CO, and recording studio in my home, I would help many independent artists with giving fast answers to their questions. One man a person who owned a studio owner and not an artist, said to me, 'I no longer Google, I Dan”, I love that one, and it is true. I do the work, and give detailed answers to your questions. The first two consultations are free, after that they are low cost. It is a real need for many and something else you should consider.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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