Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Great Free Sampler From Proteus WOW! Review And Link A Must Have.

Recently I found this free download, I did not expect much, but wow, I was blown away.

Like the keyboard or module- Proteus, this is not a synth you can not program the sounds, they are super high quality samples of useful instruments. I tried them all, it works on a low end PC, and the sounds are as good as Sample Tank. I can not believe it’s free. Listen to it and be amazed I give it 5 stars, a must have. Pianos are stunning, all instruments sound stunning, some of the pads, a tad weak, but use this is if you want or need, realistic regular instrument sounds. As a song writer I do.

I love synths, the free Crystal (I posted on that, made by green oaks, I want to just plug, play, create. I love samplers, and sampled loops. Back in my day I used the old work horse, the Korg DW 8000, still a great synth with a powerful bottom end, it was the first , or one of the very first analog, digital hybrids, I would make sounds and patches from scratch and wow. Love making sounds from scratch, and I mean scratch.

I do a lot of composing and song writing, so my days of repairing, working with synth programming, are over. The free instrument can be up graded, and well worth the upgrade to access many more sounds and features. As it is, as it sounds, with plenty of sounds in it, as said, it is a must have. PC recording gets better every day, as does FREE software and amazing 30 day trials that have every feature unlocked.

I have a new neighbor, not many around me where I live in the barren high desert of the Mojave , I am right at the foot of the Calico Mountains, what a view in a one pony town called Yermo CA, 15 min outside Barstow , off the I-15 the way towards Vegas or L.A.

So this guy my age moves in, we met , I came across the street for a visit, this man has all old analog gear, reel to reels, many, many synths, analog and drum machines, an old mixer and reel to reel, the same set up I use to use in the mastering of an audio project, a bass, electric guitars, amps, P.A. and the man has no idea what to do with it, so I am teaching him, and have access to all the old gear, what a blast, he even gave me a old Roland Hp 800 digital, hammer action 88 key electric piano, only weighs 1,000 pounds lol. wow love it, so down load this new free VSTi, and have a blast.

The pics are not that good, but I posted what I found.

I wanted to pass that along.

Still hoping some people take up my offer for free consultation , teachings by email, song evaluation, Use it or lose it, it's all free, what, are you crazy man, use me, everyone else does LOL.

Keep on making music as the world gets crazier everyday.

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